Our beautiful little boy, Alexander Michael Dodson, was born May 3, 2007. He was our first born and only child at the time.

From the day he was born, we were absolutely in love with Alexander and felt so lucky to have him in our lives.  He was always smiling and happy.  He loved to make others happy as well and could always be counted on for a kiss or a hug.  He loved to dance, eat waffles, read books, play with his friends, and watch Wow Wow Wubbzy.

On December 19, 2008, we put Alexander to bed and he never woke again.  December 20, 2008, was and continues to be the worst day of our lives.  Our sweet little Alexander didn't suffer.  He never called to us.  He just never woke up again.

We hope Alexander’s Run will help raise awareness and help put a stop to SUDC. Our time with Alexander was much too short but we’ll know he’ll be with us for the run and always. In addition to supporting the SUDC program, money raised from Alexander’s Run will be used to support the Alexander Michael Dodson Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Held at the Princeton Area Community Foundation, the scholarship fund will help support scholarships for Trenton students attending fun, educational summer programs in the Mercer County, NJ area.

We greatly appreciate your support and participation. We look forward to seeing you all on October 30, 2010.

Dan and Michelle
Alexander’s Parents